Welcome to Summer Camp 2017

                                  This year’s summer camp offering at KaushikDhwanee is its 5th summer camp. It consists of various courses in Music Dance and Art categories. This is an excellent program for those who have not had any formal training in music or those who have not had any training for much long. This program gives students an opportunity to explore various art courses in a short period of time thus enabling them to pursue one or more activities for longer period of time.

In addition to being comfortable in their chosen art forms, Students reap significant benefits from this summer camp such as improved focus and concentration, increased confidence, ability to learn multiple things at the same time, ability to perform in front of others (ie no stage fright) leading to significant improvement in communication skills.

Date/Time: April 24th through May 26th (Monday to Friday 9 am to 1:00 pm)

Duration: 4 weeks (20 classes)

Category Activities Choice
Music H Vocal, KB, Guitar One or two
Dance Western MANDATORY
Art Drawing-Painting, Art and Craft One or two
Sloka Many important Slokas OPTIONAL