Kaushik Dhwanee


  • Any break 1 month (8 classes) or more, must be intimated to the school in advance through e-mail kaushikdhwnee@gmail.com Pro- rated fees will NOT be charged if no such advance intimation is given.
  • In three months’ time, you are eligible to reschedule your classes for up to three times. You are expected to always stick to your chosen batch and timings. Make up classes can be scheduled as per your convenience and batch availability
  • Last minute cancellation for any reason will not be accepted
  • Full monthly fee is applicable for absence of less than 15 days.
  • If the school cancels any class, then wherever possible the student will be asked to attend classes on alternative days to make up for the lost day(s).
  • If no such possibility (as mentioned above) exists only then the fees will be adjusted on a pro-rated basis.
  • We encourage students to make up any missed classes depending on the teacher's availability and consent.
  • Group Class: in case a class is missed by the student, the class may be adjusted according the further availability of the teacher and vacant slots.
  • One on One Class: in case a class is missed and has to be rescheduled, it will be done in accordance with the teacher’s schedule


  • Students are expected to complete their chosen grade within this time/package they have opted .
  • If they need additional time, pro-rated fees will need to be paid after expiry of their chosen package
  • If the student fails to take exam, student will be solely responsible, and no fee compensation or refund will be given to the student
  • Grade exam fees through which the grade is being done (for example Trinity or Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya) is separate and is not included in KaushikDhwanee’s fees. This fee shall be paid by the student at the time of submitting exam application


KAUSHIK DHWANEE reserves the right to upload the videos and photographs of the projects of the users enrolled in their online or offline courses as part of its promotional activities. Further, the users also reserve the right to upload their projects developed outside the supervision or project scope of KAUSHIK DHWANEE in the form of videos, pictures and other media on to the social media platforms of KAUSHIK DHWANEE (“User Uploads”)


As per policy & for our future reference we may be recording all our sessions, in case the students having privacy concerns of him/her being recorded, we suggest the respective student to switch off their video during online sessions


In our group sessions, there may be 2 to 10 participants at a time


    We will observe all national holidays and other important holidays in the year. No pro-rated fee reduction or any make up classes will be offered in such scenario.

    All KaushikDhwanee’s concerts will be counted as a class and no compensation/make-up class will be given

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